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Smooth Robotics ApS is a Danish company that specializes in developing welding software for robotic welding. The company is located in the city of Odense only 5 minutes away from its main partner Universal Robots which develops and manufactures the robot arm that Smooth Robotics software is made for. Smooth Robotics is a member of the local Robotics hub in Denmark – Odense Robotics.

Smooth Robotics’ flagship product is called SmoothTool and is a unique welding package for collaborative robots from Universal Robots consisting of a programming flange and welding software.

  • Smooth Robotics SmoothTool

    SmoothTool is an easy-to-use cobot welding package for Universal Robots that helps your welding robot deliver the perfect result – by learning from you. SmoothTool is UR+ certified and works with both the Universal Robots CB-series and the e-series robot arms. The package consists of a programming flange (hardware) and a URcap (Software) and enables advanced welding functionality for the UR arm. The welding software provides an intuitive no-code programming interface, that lets you teach the robot by hand using the free-drive button on the programming flange.

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    Smooth Robotics SmoothTool

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