Dobot CR10 Robot arm

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1300 mm


10000 g

Linear Speed

4 m/s

Degree of Freedom


The CR10 belongs to DOBOT‘s new line of CR series of cobots. With a reach of 1525 mm and a payload of 10kg, the CR10 has the longest reach of any DOBOT CR series cobot. This collaborative robot is designed to provide both an effective automation solution for problems requiring a longer wingspan and payload. With its large ecosystem and impressively intuitive programming, it excels in industrial environments but can also serve as the perfect platform for educational and research projects.

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The DOBOT CR10 is perfect for collaborative applications requiring more reach. Combining a long reach and impressive payload with DOBOT’s signature ease of use and affordability, the CR10 is perfect for a wide variety of applications ranging from machine tending to pick and place tasks. The DOBOT CR series boasts a broad ecosystem of compatible components and impressively intuitive programming.

The CR10 is designed to keep things simple. From installation to operation, the CR10 minimizes many complications that used to be inherent to automation. With the CR10, you can be up and automating in less than an hour.

Ease of Use:- The CR series emphasizes not only simple installation and setup but also ease of use. In the end it is ease of use that makes collaboration possible. When man and machine cannot interact seamlessly and safely, collaboration is not possible. With this in mind, the CR series was designed to allow users with minimal programming skills to get started with automation. Operators can “teach” the DOBOT CR series a wide variety of processes without writing a line of code. 

Expandability:- While the CR10 is designed to be easy to use and set up, it is also extremely expandable. Robots, especially collaborative robots, need to be adaptable so that they can perform in new environments and handle a variety of processes. Featuring a large array of I/O and communications interfaces, the CR10 is eminently expandable. With a wide ecosystem of compatible grippers, end-of-arm tools, and more, the CR10 and its siblings can be expanded to meet your changing needs. 

Reliability and ROI:- DOBOT’s CR series is built to last. At least 32,000 hours to be exact. This is the designed service lifetime of a DOBOT CR cobot. So, even with a heavy workload, the DOBOT CR10 can be expected to work for years to come, maximizing your ROI and minimizing potential headaches and downtime. 

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Dobot CR10 Robot arm

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