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Unbox Industry is a one stop web platform for all Industrial Automation needs. From gaining the knowledge to finding the product required and to select the right solution provider, unbox Industry provides everything on a single platform. Unbox Industry is the world’s first platform that focuses on all the challenges faced by the industry while adopting an automation solution.

Unbox Industry provides following services through its platform


`For Industry Users & System Integrator from where they can purchase products with a single click in a hassle-free environment.

Solution Provider & Industry Expert Listing

Industry user get access to thousands of solution providers and Industry experts on our platform. Features like filter based on

Marketing Platform

Many OEMs struggle to reach to their customer when they come up with new product or services. Though our Marketing Platform,

Bidding Platform

We will provide bidding platform to Industry User for their Upcoming projects. Industry User can float a RFQ (Request for Quotation)

Community Platform

Through our platform, we are creating a community for OEMs, End Users, System Integrators and Consultants. We provide accessibility


In coming months we will be introducing leasing or financing facility to companies looking for automation solution.

Why Unbox Industry Marketplace

Huge access of National & International brands

Expert Industry Consultation for free

Get your material at your door step anywhere in the India

Find Capable and Certified Solution Providers

To implement the affordable automation

To get the knowledge and latest news of Automation Industries

Our Team


Aman Jain

Founder & Director



Onisha Jain

Co-Founder & Director



Pawan Singh

Supplier Onboarding & Finacnce



Gopal Kumar

Software Developer & service



Anurag Tiwari

Inside Sales Executive

Shivangni Shukla

Digital Marketer

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